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"The Synod on Synodality" 2021-2023

SYNOD- a local or provincial assembly of bishops and other church officials meeting to resolve questions. 

 Synodality- Fundamentally, synodality is about journeying together. This happens through listening to one another in order to hear what God is saying to all of us. It is realizing that the Holy Spirit can speak through anyone- to help us walk forward together on our journey as the People of God. 

On October 17, 2021, Bishop Koenig (pronounced Kay-nig) presided at the Mass for the Opening of Synod 2021-23 for the Diocese of Wilmington

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In his Homily, he reminded us that SYNOD comes from the Greek, meaning "Walking Together". He expressed enthusiasm at the thought of local Catholics, and those through out the world, sharing and journeying with each other . He reflected on the first Apostles and the early church, which we read about in The Acts of the Apostles. He shared that vision of the need, then and now, to collaborate and cooperate in order to move forward in mission.  

Pope Francis Has Invited YOU/US, to refect on how....

We, (the Body of Christ), are Walking Together with Christ,  toward Christ,  and for Christ....

He stated, ..."By walking together, and together reflecting on the journey made, the Church will be
able to learn from what it will experience, which processes can help it to

  live communion,  to achieve participation, to open itself to mission."

He has called the entire Church to this Task

According to USCCB,  it is a two-year process of listening and dialogue beginning with a solemn opening in Rome on October 9 and 10, 2021  with each individual diocese and church continueing the process in their own places. The synodal process will conclude in 2023.

 SYNOD website

Some in the Catholic world have voiced concern that this call by the Pope for shared discussion will lead to a mentality of "Doctrine By Vote"... "Church rule by Democracy not Magisterium".......


In an article by Bishop Robert Barron , What is Synodality?,  he speaks about his own experience with confusion about the process.

......."In the course of our conversation, the theme of synods and synodality indeed came up, and Francis (Pope Francis) was clear and explicit. He told us, in no uncertain terms, that a synod is “not a parliament,” and that the synodal process is not simply a matter of canvassing the participants and counting votes. And then he added, with particular emphasis, that the “protagonist” of a synod is not any of the delegates to the gathering, but rather the Holy Spirit. This last observation is of signal importance. The point of a democratic assembly is to discern the will of the people, for in a democratic polity, they are finally sovereign. But in a synod, the point is discerning, not the will of the people, but the will of the Holy Spirit, for the Spirit in that context is sovereign, or in the language of Pope Francis, the “protagonist.”

........." Whatever Pope Francis means by “synodality,” he quite clearly doesn’t mean a process of democratization, or putting doctrine up for a vote. "

"He means, it seems to me, a structured conversation among all of the relevant ecclesial players—bishops, priests, and laity—for the sake of hearing the voice of the Spirit".


* Pray,  Share Conversation, Discern, Seek the Grace of the Holy Spirit*

(*Sounds Apostolic.....)

Veni Sancte Spiritus  WALK   TOGETHER  Veni Sancte Spiritus 






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Born c.584 ,at Poitou, France- Died c. 679

His association with brewers and vintners and related fields comes from spending so much time preaching and teaching in beer-making and wine-making regions.



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