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Week  2 of Lent :     Do you see God as He truly is?

Art from this week's website banner:  Francesco Zuccarelli’s “Landscape with the Transfiguration of Christ."

Take a new look at this season of spiritual renewal through the lens of Ignatian prayer and sacred art. Enjoy a video commentary about a work of art inspired by the Sunday Scriptures of Lent. "See" the Gospel message in a whole new way

Personal Reflection Article: "Experiencing God’s Love".  How can we begin to experience God’s love for us if we remain distant?

Did you grow up believing that, " God would love me when I behaved a certain way"?  This image of God keeps us distant. Unconsciously, we feel as if we would never do things well enough to earn God’s love....... 

Lenten Disciplines: Prayer ,Fasting, Almsgiving......

Lent is one of the most important times of year for Christians, when we take our faith seriously and work on converting our hearts.  Many people focus on giving up pleasures, but  this Priest says. " don't waste your time"..  Watch this video: " Don't Give Up Anything For Lent! (And what I'm giving up)"  Ask yourself....Do your spiritual disciplines for Lent lead you to conversion ??? or merely suffering?? 

Adult Faith Formation: SEE our  Website's  Adult Faith Formation Page (Under the Faith Formation Tab) for Lenten Study resources and links

CHALLENGE:             Try   Praying   the   Rosary.......

Quiet Your Mind,.. allow the depths of your Soul to Rise

LINK FOR:  Why Pray the Rosary?

LINK FOR:  How To Pray the Rosary ,  and 

LINKS FOR:  4 Video Rosaries (1 for each set of Mysteries) with beautiful music, art and explanations of each mystery to enhance contemplation

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Spiritual Links:

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The Peace Prayer of St. Francis

 St. Ignatius Loyola's Examen is an opportunity for peaceful daily reflective prayer. It invites us to find the movement of God in all the people and events of our day. It is simply a set of introspective prompts for you to follow or adapt to your own character and spirit. Learn how....