Religious Education

  Religious Education for Youth and Adults

Faith Formation Programs Office
Mrs. Theresa Rapposelli-Moschelle - Coordinator
(302) 798-2904, ext 111

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Medical Form (English Version)

Class lists have closed, we are unable to accept additional students at this time.

We look forward to sharing the Gospel with your children.

We are holding IN PERSON sessions;  we feel that our families will have the
best learning experience and a greater sense of community with that model.

We will be abiding by all State and Diocesan guidelines ,including the WEARING OF MASKS
by all students and adults and classroom social distancing.

Sunday Morning Sessions:  Sacramental Prep A, B, C, & D
and Grades 1-6 meet 
10:30 -  11:45 in the school.  These sessions began October 4.  

EVENING SESSIONS: Registered Confirmation Preparation Students will meet at 7pm in the school. 
These sessions begin October 20 & 21
Tuesday evenings, Level 1, (Grades 7 and up)
Wednesday evenings, Level 2, (Students who have completed Level 1) 

We realize that some students or families will have objections to this plan and hope to work with you to find an agreeable solution.

We understand your concerns and support your decisions.


Catechesis of The Good Shepherd: 

Our Nationally affiliated Montessori style Faith Formation Program for ages 3-9, will NOT be meeting for the 2020-2021 session

This style of formation works with many hands-on materials and group interactions in a 'close and cozy' environment. In order to be true to the nature of this specialized experience,  in consultation with the National organization, and discussion and prayer with our local Catechists, we have concluded that this is the best decision. Families may contact us if they have questions. 

Theresa Rapposelli-Moschelle, Coordinator of Programs,; 302-798-2904,extension 111